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  • Mia

    "This case now shows my emotional state to everyone around me) I'm constantly in shock and panic, haha. Seriously, the case is of very high quality. My iPhone is protected in all 360 degrees. Delivery is fast, support is good and answers all questions. And the packaging was incredibly good!) "

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  • Hurriet

    "This is really a very, very high quality case. I am 100 percent satisfied with the purchase. The case has a special Memoji design that adds personality to the iPhone and also guarantees reliable protection against scratches and shocks. The MagSafe ring attaches securely to my dock and holds the phone. I am satisfied!!! "

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  • Evie

    "Ooh, it turned out to be such a cute case!) Creating my unique case on the website was as easy and convenient as possible, and the printing turned out even better than I expected. The shipping is fast, the customer service is super nice, and the packaging is another story. It would be perfect as a gift)) Overall, I am very satisfied and will order from casexy again and again!) "

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  • Leo

    "Wow!!! The case is of excellent quality. Also ordered the strap separately, it is very durable and can be worn as a shoulder bag, adjustable length, which is also not unimportant. I recommend it to everyone.

    • 10/10!!!

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  • Noah

    "Transparent case, just like I wanted. Fits all the buttons and connectors perfectly.  The print is of very high quality. I am satisfied, I will buy more. "

  • Mason

    "Best case of my life.  Beautiful and high quality pattern and it is easy to install on the phone.  Came in a bright yellow envelope and box. Would be perfect for a gift!!! Ordered myself a 14 Pro Max and it came very quickly. I recommend this store to everyone. 

    • lightweight and handy case

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  • Lauren

    "Great case! I love the design and I feel like my phone is very protected "

  • Makayla

    "Great for the Valentine's season! I had this case on my phone for one day and everyone in the office was asking where it came from and complimenting me on how cute it was ?? I love the print! "

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  • Michael Jay Galendez

    "I've been using Casexy for a while, but in the heat of the moment I didn't make a purchase because my iPhone 11 was coming to the end and I knew I would upgrade it soon. I finally got the iPhone 13 pro and this is my first case for it. The quality and durability seems to have improved since the last purchase, and I love the design. This case is very high quality and I love it! "

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  • Helen S.

    "Honestly, this phone case was much better than I thought it would be! The quality is super good, it's very sturdy, and the pattern is so fun! Again, because of the level of protection you get, it's a little bulkier than most phone cases, but not so much that it becomes difficult to use. "

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  • Josie

    "I love the sturdiness of the case I received. I was very excited when I received this case in the mail and couldn't wait more than a few minutes after I received it and the screen protector to put both on my phone. Also, I love the design and I love how sturdy the case looks. I like the colors on the case. ???? The package was in great condition when I received it. I am delighted with my purchase and the product "

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  • Valerie M.

    "I like the color and design. Very sturdy and protective, but not bulky. I get a lot of compliments on how the case looks!

    • Love this caaaase!

  • Aimee D.

    "This case is really beautiful and has the best colors and print. I've only had it for a couple of days, but it's very sturdy and easy to put on. The print itself looks perfect on my iPhone. I will order from caseXy again and again!

    • Great Case!!!

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  • Anna

    "She was forced to leave Ukraine with her child after the start of the full-scale invasion. This case is my soul! It is very well-made, the patriotic packaging is incredible, and they added gifts: A QR code with the same wallpaper on the phone and a discount on the next order! I will recommend it to my friends and come back with the next orders. "

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  • Karen

    "This case is beautiful. Exactly as described on the website. The texture of the case itself is very nice, not rubbery at all like some cases. It feels very strong. The customer service was great. "

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Custom Phone Case: Original Design and Effective Protection

No matter what model of phone you have, a case with your own print, photo, inscription or other type of graphic is a good way to both change the design and protect the device from the risk of mechanical damage. It is relatively high when you consider the delicacy and lightness of modern smartphones. The peculiarities of their design mean that a fall on hard surfaces can end not only in scratches or light cracks, which are already highly damaging in themselves, but also in the complete destruction of the device. If you want to reduce this risk, turn on our wizard and then design and create your personalized, designed for your phone case with your own photo, print or other graphics.

We ensure the highest quality content applied to your device. As long as the content you upload has the right resolution, we guarantee the detail of all details and the clarity of colors. Since we offer high-end case models, which is made only of durable and carefully selected materials, you can count on durability and resistance to external factors - not only to impacts, but also to all kinds of dirt. Design a case and get personalized protection for your phone!

Why to choose a personalized case

A case with your own imprint or photo makes your device model look unique even after taking the case off. This is extremely important when selling your device and from the point of view of its lifespan. If you are considering selling your current equipment and buying another model, or, on the contrary, you are hoping to use your smartphone in good condition for many years - make your own case to help you with this. Using it on a daily basis, after taking it off, your phone will look like new, and this will positively affect its market value.

A custom-printed case allows you to combine protection with aesthetic benefits. It's a versatile yet inexpensive way to increase your device's protection from damage and personalize its appearance according to your personal tastes. The simplicity of the wizard's operation, combined with its wide composition possibilities, translates into almost unlimited design possibilities. In turn, the durability and perfect fit of the case to the given phone model ensures the efficiency and comfort of its use. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity - make your case and create a phone model with a unique design.

Phone case with custom design

Are you looking for original design solutions that will make your phone model unique and make it stand out from the crowd? Then you are in the right place! On this page we have prepared an interactive wizard that allows you to design a personalized smartphone case yourself. At a small cost you can get a unique case, only yours - using the proposed solution, you are sure that your device model will become unique and no one but you will have the same one! You can even choose your own photo, print or other graphics, as well as any color and many other additional elements that will enrich the phone case designed by you through our creator. Check out how to use it and create your personalized case right now!

Prices on Custom Phone Cases in United States

The price for Custom Phone Cases as of June 10, 2023 ranges from $19 to $39, depending on the type and function of the accessory.

Custom Phone Cases Price
Memotify iPhone 14 Pro Case with your Memoji with MagSafe Memotify iPhone 14 Pro Case with your Memoji with MagSafe $39
Memotify iPhone 14 | 13 Case with your Memoji with MagSafe Memotify iPhone 14 | 13 Case with your Memoji with MagSafe $34
UA It's a good trip iPhone 14 Pro Case UA It's a good trip iPhone 14 Pro Case $34
Memotify iPhone 14 Pro Max Case with your Memoji with MagSafe Memotify iPhone 14 Pro Max Case with your Memoji with MagSafe $39
UA It's a good trip iPhone XR Case UA It's a good trip iPhone XR Case $19