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Latest Reviews

  • Mia

    "This case now shows my emotional state to everyone around me) I'm constantly in shock and panic, haha. Seriously, the case is of very high quality. My iPhone is protected in all 360 degrees. Delivery is fast, support is good and answers all questions. And the packaging was incredibly good!) "

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  • Hurriet

    "This is really a very, very high quality case. I am 100 percent satisfied with the purchase. The case has a special Memoji design that adds personality to the iPhone and also guarantees reliable protection against scratches and shocks. The MagSafe ring attaches securely to my dock and holds the phone. I am satisfied!!! "

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  • Evie

    "Ooh, it turned out to be such a cute case!) Creating my unique case on the website was as easy and convenient as possible, and the printing turned out even better than I expected. The shipping is fast, the customer service is super nice, and the packaging is another story. It would be perfect as a gift)) Overall, I am very satisfied and will order from casexy again and again!) "

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  • Leo

    "Wow!!! The case is of excellent quality. Also ordered the strap separately, it is very durable and can be worn as a shoulder bag, adjustable length, which is also not unimportant. I recommend it to everyone.

    • 10/10!!!

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  • Noah

    "Transparent case, just like I wanted. Fits all the buttons and connectors perfectly.  The print is of very high quality. I am satisfied, I will buy more. "

  • Mason

    "Best case of my life.  Beautiful and high quality pattern and it is easy to install on the phone.  Came in a bright yellow envelope and box. Would be perfect for a gift!!! Ordered myself a 14 Pro Max and it came very quickly. I recommend this store to everyone. 

    • lightweight and handy case

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  • Makayla

    "Great for the Valentine's season! I had this case on my phone for one day and everyone in the office was asking where it came from and complimenting me on how cute it was ?? I love the print! "

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  • Michael Jay Galendez

    "I've been using Casexy for a while, but in the heat of the moment I didn't make a purchase because my iPhone 11 was coming to the end and I knew I would upgrade it soon. I finally got the iPhone 13 pro and this is my first case for it. The quality and durability seems to have improved since the last purchase, and I love the design. This case is very high quality and I love it! "

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  • Helen S.

    "Honestly, this phone case was much better than I thought it would be! The quality is super good, it's very sturdy, and the pattern is so fun! Again, because of the level of protection you get, it's a little bulkier than most phone cases, but not so much that it becomes difficult to use. "

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  • Josie

    "I love the sturdiness of the case I received. I was very excited when I received this case in the mail and couldn't wait more than a few minutes after I received it and the screen protector to put both on my phone. Also, I love the design and I love how sturdy the case looks. I like the colors on the case. ???? The package was in great condition when I received it. I am delighted with my purchase and the product "

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  • Valerie M.

    "I like the color and design. Very sturdy and protective, but not bulky. I get a lot of compliments on how the case looks!

    • Love this caaaase!

  • Aimee D.

    "This case is really beautiful and has the best colors and print. I've only had it for a couple of days, but it's very sturdy and easy to put on. The print itself looks perfect on my iPhone. I will order from caseXy again and again!

    • Great Case!!!

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  • Anna

    "She was forced to leave Ukraine with her child after the start of the full-scale invasion. This case is my soul! It is very well-made, the patriotic packaging is incredible, and they added gifts: A QR code with the same wallpaper on the phone and a discount on the next order! I will recommend it to my friends and come back with the next orders. "

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  • Karen

    "This case is beautiful. Exactly as described on the website. The texture of the case itself is very nice, not rubbery at all like some cases. It feels very strong. The customer service was great. "

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  • Johannah

    "Love my iPhone case! I love the design. The quality is much better than I expected. When I need or want more device cases, I will definitely buy them from caseXy. "

Shop Clear Phone Cases

We all know very well the pain when we notice the first scratches or cracks on our newly purchased iPhone, and the matter is even worse when we accidentally drop the device and break the display. Then the replacement will cost us several hundred zlotys, which is sometimes comparable to a mid-range new smartphone, so it is moderately worth it. It is worth, therefore, to buy a phone case that will protect our device from minor damages, such as scratches, but also from larger ones, such as just cracks when falling. One of the most interesting types is
transparent silicone case for iPhone.

This type of phone case, first of all, looks great, because we can choose the graphics of the silicone part from probably thousands of designs available on the Internet. The second advantage is the silicone itself, which is a durable material and non-slip, so our iPhone will not slip on our hand, which often happens with this model. It is also interesting that we can choose our own graphic design, such an author's one, so we can add, for example, a photo of ourselves and our other half and make her a gift in the form of a case with such a graphic. We can also mention that the silicone case does not affect the appearance very much if we choose the transparent one, which may appeal to people who have a smartphone with an interesting design. In addition, such a case does not change the dimensions of the device very much, which is a common case with other types. The case costs only a few tens of zlotys, often less than 50, so anyone can afford it.

Casexy phone case is perfection in every way - unique designs, deep colors and precision craftsmanship. We are confident that our silicone cases will be unique and absolutely yours!

The most important features of the case:

  • made of durable, flexible silicone,
  • high quality and durable printing that will not fade over time
  • protect your phone from damage, dirt, dust, abrasions
  • perfectly matched to the selected phone model - the case adheres to the smartphone, does not thicken the phone and fits well in the hand,
  • matching cut-outs provide free access to all buttons, side keys and inputs,
  • abrasion-resistant, easy to clean - you can clean it under water,
  • printed on part of the case, so you can see the color of the phone - the effect varies depending on the selected design,
  • compatible with protective glass.

We know perfectly how to make successful gifts. With a wide selection of unique designs and a variety of collections, you are sure to find the perfect gift case for people of all ages.

Unique and durable print

Non-abrasive, durable print not only decorates your phone, but also ensures that even after a long time of use, your case will look as good and stylish as the day you bought it.

Protect and secure your phone / iPhone

  • A sturdy phone case made of durable and flexible silicone is a great way to protect your phone from damage on a daily basis.
  • The flexible material of which the case is made will do a great job of protecting your phone from nicks, abrasions, dust or scratches.
  • Our phone cases is an additional coating that allows cushioning during bumps or falls.

Multiple collections mean even more choice of design for your phone

We've divided our iPhone cases into themed collections, so we're confident you'll find what you're looking for. Marble, floral, boho, vintage, elegant, minimalist or maybe a fabulous case full of non-obviousness?

Express yourself and transform your phone with us.

We prove that a phone can have a soul and express you.

  • Our iPhone cases are perfectly tailored to your phone and can express you.
  • Shop your case and feel joy every time you look at your phone.
  • When you choose Casexy covers you are betting on a unique design and attention to every detail of your case.

Prices on Clear Phone Cases in United States

The price for Clear Phone Cases as of June 10, 2023 ranges from $19 to $39, depending on the type and function of the accessory.

Clear Phone Cases Price
Memotify iPhone 14 Pro Case with your Memoji with MagSafe Memotify iPhone 14 Pro Case with your Memoji with MagSafe $39
Memotify iPhone 14 | 13 Case with your Memoji with MagSafe Memotify iPhone 14 | 13 Case with your Memoji with MagSafe $34
UA It's a good trip iPhone 14 Pro Case UA It's a good trip iPhone 14 Pro Case $34
Memotify iPhone 14 Pro Max Case with your Memoji with MagSafe Memotify iPhone 14 Pro Max Case with your Memoji with MagSafe $39
UA It's a good trip iPhone XR Case UA It's a good trip iPhone XR Case $19