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We guarantee you the best quality and 100% satisfaction with all caseXy products and will definitely resolve any unpleasant situations if you have them.

  • 10 days to return the goods for all customers;
  • 6 months warranty for caseXy cases;
  • 3 months warranty for protective glass.


Returns and exchanges within 10 days

Didn't like the product? We will refund it if 10 days have not passed from the date of purchase and the item has not been damaged or opened.

Return conditions:

  • More than 10 days have not passed since receipt;
  • The product is in the original box;
  • The product has no signs of use (damage or removal of films);
  • The product is not damaged.


6 months warranty

Guaranteed replacement of the cover with a new one if within 6 months you notice damage or defects that should not be typical for the product.

Return conditions:

  • No more than 180 days have passed since the date of purchase;
  • You have a receipt or other confirmation of the order on our website;
  • You are the direct customer of the cover (if it is a gift, the one who ordered it should contact);
  • The detected defect is not the result of intentional damage.

If I don't like the color, can I return the case?

Yes, according to the rules of the company caseXy, if 10 days have not passed since the receipt and you have not used the case, it can be returned or exchanged for another, at the request of the client. An essential condition is that the product must be completely new. That is, all packaging components, protective films, and the receipt must be preserved in the form you received them.

Note: you may be offered a refund or exchange for another case, at the company's discretion.

What defects are covered by the 6-month caseXy warranty?

We cover defects related to the quality of printing and the case itself. However, the warranty does not cover normal aging of the accessory: yellowing, scratches, deformation at high or low temperatures, or frequent use of MagSafe wallets. These are normal phenomena when using silicone cases of any manufacturer.

That is, if you notice a deformation of the print, after 6 months of use, and this deformation is not acquired intentionally, you can contact us and request warranty coverage. The same goes if you notice a defect with MagSafe or you have problems with other components.

It is mandatory to have a receipt with payment to confirm the purchase, without it you will not be eligible for the warranty.

What can I be offered under a 6-month warranty?

We consider each case separately. You may be offered to exchange the defective case for the same one if it has not been discontinued. We can also offer you another identical case, or a refund provided that the damaged product is destroyed with available evidence of this fact in the form of video and photos.

The company reserves the right to choose the method of reimbursement of defective goods under warranty.


What does the 3-month glass warranty include?

In addition to the warranty on the covers, we provide a warranty on glass breakage and swelling after gluing or peeling for 3 months (once). This warranty does not cover intentional glass breakage or damage. It is valid if you received broken glass (you can get a guaranteed free replacement with delivery if you contact us within 10 days of receipt), and if your glass broke after gluing up to 90 days from the date of installation.

Attention: We are not responsible if the glass was glued incorrectly. Therefore, if you want to claim a refund, you should take a photo "before" and "after" gluing, as well as save receipts to confirm the purchase.

Only the person who bought the product in the store can claim the warranty. If the glass was installed for a friend or purchased as a gift, it is necessary that the person who placed the order contacted us to return it.


How does the reimbursement work?

The priority is to replace damaged goods with new ones, or unsuitable goods with another at the request of the client. Payment for delivery, under such conditions, is made by caseXy. We may require the return of the goods for inspection and diagnosis of the problem to confirm it.

If the product required for exchange is out of stock or discontinued, we may issue a refund to the customer. In this case, the company has up to 14 days to process the refund, and the money transfer fee, if any, is the responsibility of the customer.


How do I get a replacement or apply for a warranty?

You can write to us to request a return or apply for warranty service to replace a defective or faulty product. We will respond within 5 working days.

For replacement we may need:

  • A receipt confirming the purchase;
  • Document to prove your identity;
  • Photo of damage or discrepancies;
  • A statement of the need for return.

We reserve the right to change the return policy and consider each case individually.