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  • Michael Jay Galendez

    "I've been using Casexy for a while, but in the heat of the moment I didn't make a purchase because my iPhone 11 was coming to the end and I knew I would upgrade it soon. I finally got the iPhone 13 pro and this is my first case for it. The quality and durability seems to have improved since the last purchase, and I love the design. This case is very high quality and I love it! "

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  • Donna

    "this case was exactly what I was looking for! It is cute and durable! And it is also worth noting the incredibly beautiful and high-quality gift wrapping! I will order again and again:) "

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  • Maureen

    "The case is great. I have already dropped it a lot, send it, my phone is still intact. The design was custom-made and printed beautifully, I received many compliments about it "

  • Virginia

    "Since February 24, I have been actively following the events between Ukraine and Mordor and volunteering to support Ukraine. I am very proud of the people of Ukraine, because even in such difficult times they declare themselves to the whole world and let the whole world be with them.

    This case is another way to express my position and support for Ukraine. I admire him and the team that worked on the creation of caseXy cases. I will order again and again, because the quality, price, packaging - everything won my heart.

    • Self-expression, phone protection, support for Ukraine

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  • Michelle

    "This is a great phone case. It is sturdy, easy to use and protects my phone from drops. The shipping was a little slow, but they sent me an email explaining the delay (international shipping), so at least I knew what was going on. Great customer service! "

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  • Tobias

    "I love to travel and have been looking for a case of this design for a long time. I really liked the picture and the symbolic inscription on the bottom. I recommend it to everyone.

    • Cool!!!

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  • Gabriella

    "I just love this Memoji case. It's hard to explain how useful it is, but once you get one, you won't want to go back! You can add your own memoji or pet. Separately, I would like to note the packaging and delivery - everything is fast and at the highest level) "

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  • Mason

    "I received my case and was incredibly pleased with it. The packaging is fire!) liked the approach to the customer. I recommend it to everyone!!! "

  • Kathleen

    "I love it, it's really worth the money. I am forever a fan, every time I get a phone it will automatically be a caseXy!!!! No questions asked. "

Buy iPhone 13 Pro Protective Case

Casexy offers a wide selection of exclusive accessories such as iPhone Cases and crossbody straps compatible with iPhone 13 Pro. Inspired by the latest trends in fashion and home decor, our top products feature innovative design and functionality. We design our iPhone 13 Pro accessories in a studio in Stockholm, creating a unique collection with rich styling and design.


Our fashionable quality phone accessories are fully customized for the iPhone 13 Pro model and designed to perfectly fit and protect the 6.1-inch screen and top notch. All cases provide an elegant case cover including both camera lenses and perfectly adhere to the device while maintaining its slimness. Made of flexible and durable plastic and lined inside with soft fabric, the cases effectively protect the surface of your iPhone 13 Pro from minor damage.

For unmistakable style, pair your iPhone 13 Pro with other Casexy accessories, such as our cases, wallets, clutch bags and cases - each tailored to fit the device's lighter weight. Match your personal setup with one of our compatible Qi chargers, powerbanks and charging cables, available in a variety of designs. The Accessories of Attraction collection allows you to conveniently pair your phone with a car mount or finger grip for maximum comfort and unique style. We recommend that you complement your case with a scratch-resistant screen protector film for complete protection of your phone.

iPhone 13 Pro cases at Casexy

The iPhone 13 Pro case should, first of all, be matched to the phone model. Manufacturers of such accessories clearly specify in the specifications with which models the case will be compatible. This is strictly related to both the protection of the device, as well as to ensure access to all openings, which are used, for example, for charging or for connecting headphones. In addition, the iPhone 13 Pro case should have a properly cut or shaped hole to ensure the use of the rear camera.

Material of construction

The iPhone 13 Pro case comes in many color and design configurations regarding the shape itself. What's more, there is also a choice of more than a dozen materials from which it can be made. The most popular iPhone 13 Pro case is made of transparent polycarbonate or elegant leather. No less popular are cases made of silicone and thermoplastic. In addition to them, manufacturers offer cases made of rubber, glass, plastic, fabric, as well as biodegradable cases.

Types and additional features

iPhone 13 Pro cases are offered by manufacturers in several types. Among the most popular are cases in the form of an overlay. Next to them, equally popular are cases with a flap, which further protect the phone's screen, as well as armored cases, which are often also waterproof and dustproof. A novelty among this type of equipment are cases with a built-in powerbank, i.e. an additional battery, which significantly extends the use of the device without having to recharge it.

Prices on iPhone 13 Pro Cases in United States

The price for iPhone 13 Pro Cases as of June 10, 2023 ranges from $29 to $34, depending on the type and function of the accessory.

iPhone 13 Pro Cases Price
Memotify iPhone 13 Pro Case with your Memoji with MagSafe Memotify iPhone 13 Pro Case with your Memoji with MagSafe $34
UA It's a good trip iPhone 13 Pro Case UA It's a good trip iPhone 13 Pro Case $29
Clear iPhone 13 Pro Case with MagSafe Clear iPhone 13 Pro Case with MagSafe $34
Mushrooms Power iPhone 13 Pro Case with MagSafe Mushrooms Power iPhone 13 Pro Case with MagSafe $34
UA Konyk iPhone 13 Pro Case UA Konyk iPhone 13 Pro Case $29