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iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases

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Latest Reviews

  • Jake

    "This is the most beautiful case I have ever had. I am so in love with it! However, I wish the sides for the camera lens were bigger, like the front has a raised edge to protect the screen.
    But despite that, it is an amazing case.

    • Reliable, stylish and practical

    • No sides for the camera

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  • Amelie

    "Very nice cover and the drawing is something incredible. Already ordered another case, only with a different pattern. Thank you !!!! "

  • Patric

    "A great case, a very high level of protection and the ability to add your own messages make it even more unique and original. The packaging is also impressive. In short: excellent work! "

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  • Jinny

    "I was looking for a case that would protect my iPhone and look nice. This Memoji Case is perfect because it looks very modern. I will definitely buy more of these covers and recommend them to my friends. "

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Buy iPhone 11 Pro Max Protective Case

Casexy offers a wide selection of exclusive cases for your iPhone 11 Pro Max, inspired by the latest trends in the world of fashion and home furnishings. Our premium quality products are a unique combination of fashion and functionality.


High-quality iPhone 11 Pro Max cases are made of flexible yet extremely durable hard plastic. Their exclusive soft lining protects your phone from dents and scratches. To give your iPhone 11 Pro Max an even more modern look, our cases use the season's trendiest colors, prints, patterns and materials, from marble and floral prints to geometric patterns. The magnetic function allows you to connect the case and match it with other Casexy accessories. In this way, you can combine the case or case-wallet with a variety of convenient car holders or ring holders for maximum comfort and style.

iPhone 11 Pro Max case at Casexy

When thinking about protective overlays for smartphones, we usually consider only a few of their basic features. The iPhone 11 Pro Max case is designed to perform many additional tasks, it will greatly facilitate the use of the phone and increase its functionality.

MagSafe case

The iPhone 11 Pro Max case differs at first glance from other overlays available in our stores. The phone's larger camera has also made the case designed for Apple smartphones change its previous appearance. One of the most interesting improvements, introduced some time ago and now being intensively developed, is the combination of the overlay with a charging function. This works in the same way as the popular charging stickers, except that in this case the entire case is compatible. The iPhone 11 Pro Max has the ability to charge wirelessly, which is why the overlay uses the MagSafe function.

Protection in all conditions

Phones are with us practically everywhere and all the time. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine that they can get damaged. That's why the iPhone 11 Max Pro case needs protection. You can choose from two types of cases: flexible and rigid. In both cases, their function remains the same, but they have additional properties. The former works well for everyday use, while the latter is suitable for extreme conditions, such as workouts, cycling or even running. The case will effectively protect the phone from mechanical damage caused by a fall or impact, as well as scratches.

Prices on iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases in United States

The price for iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases as of June 10, 2023 ranges from $24 to $24, depending on the type and function of the accessory.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases Price
Clear iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Clear iPhone 11 Pro Max Case $24
UA It's a good trip iPhone 11 Pro Max Case UA It's a good trip iPhone 11 Pro Max Case $24
Boobs iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Boobs iPhone 11 Pro Max Case $24
Hands of God and Adam iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Hands of God and Adam iPhone 11 Pro Max Case $24
Clear Leopard iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Clear Leopard iPhone 11 Pro Max Case $24