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  • Michael Jay Galendez

    "I've been using Casexy for a while, but in the heat of the moment I didn't make a purchase because my iPhone 11 was coming to the end and I knew I would upgrade it soon. I finally got the iPhone 13 pro and this is my first case for it. The quality and durability seems to have improved since the last purchase, and I love the design. This case is very high quality and I love it! "

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  • Helen S.

    "Honestly, this phone case was much better than I thought it would be! The quality is super good, it's very sturdy, and the pattern is so fun! Again, because of the level of protection you get, it's a little bulkier than most phone cases, but not so much that it becomes difficult to use. "

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  • Josie

    "I love the sturdiness of the case I received. I was very excited when I received this case in the mail and couldn't wait more than a few minutes after I received it and the screen protector to put both on my phone. Also, I love the design and I love how sturdy the case looks. I like the colors on the case. ???? The package was in great condition when I received it. I am delighted with my purchase and the product "

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  • Anna

    "She was forced to leave Ukraine with her child after the start of the full-scale invasion. This case is my soul! It is very well-made, the patriotic packaging is incredible, and they added gifts: A QR code with the same wallpaper on the phone and a discount on the next order! I will recommend it to my friends and come back with the next orders. "

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  • Johannah

    "Love my iPhone case! I love the design. The quality is much better than I expected. When I need or want more device cases, I will definitely buy them from caseXy. "

  • M?rida

    "Very high quality product and worth buying. From the packaging to the product itself, everything was perfect. "

  • bella

    "I have only had this case for a few days, but I can tell that it is made of high quality materials. They are made to last for years. Also I appreciate the collaboration between the artists and caseXy. I love my case and the customer service was helpful and communicative! "

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  • Ashley

    "I am just in love with the design! The quality is definitely worth the money, protects my phone 100%! <3 And the beautiful packaging and discount on subsequent purchases only added to the pleasant experience. I will definitely recommend caseXy to my friends and family!)

    • High quality, beautiful design, gift wrap and discount on your next purchase

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  • Phoebe

    "The quality and design of the product is exactly as I expected, the price is a bit high, but it's worth it! Super nice packaging. And they also put gifts: a discount on the next order and a QR with wallpaper :) "

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  • Lidia Proskurina

    "I was absolutely shocked at the quality of the case I received. It is by far the best phone case I have ever had. Extremely protective, but not bulky and heavy. Definitely worth the money. Also, the design looks exactly as it is presented on the website.
    In addition, I am a displaced person from Ukraine abroad because of the war, and to have a piece of my native is very nice. Many thanks to the caseXy team!) "

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  • Emilia

    "Very, very high quality case. I am attracted by absolutely everything: eloquent design, incredible packaging, and incredible quality protection. I am also impressed by the fact that the people who create these beautiful cases are Ukrainians. I am incredibly proud of this nation, which in such difficult times is not afraid to declare itself to the whole world. This is clearly not my last case from the caseXy brand. "

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  • Maureen

    "The case is great. I have already dropped it a lot, send it, my phone is still intact. The design was custom-made and printed beautifully, I received many compliments about it "

  • Virginia

    "Since February 24, I have been actively following the events between Ukraine and Mordor and volunteering to support Ukraine. I am very proud of the people of Ukraine, because even in such difficult times they declare themselves to the whole world and let the whole world be with them.

    This case is another way to express my position and support for Ukraine. I admire him and the team that worked on the creation of caseXy cases. I will order again and again, because the quality, price, packaging - everything won my heart.

    • Self-expression, phone protection, support for Ukraine

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  • Scarlett

    "I bought a case for myself for iPhone 13 Pro and my daughter for iPhone XS. I liked absolutely everything: price/quality ratio, beautiful festive packaging and attention to detail (sticker with wallpaper on the phone, discount for the next order, etc.)
    The only thing that was a little disappointing was that there are no sides on the case for my daughter to protect the camera, as, for example, on the case for iPhone 13 Pro. But the rest — I liked everything. I will order from caseXy again and again:)

    • Print quality, beautiful packaging

    • Lack of camera protection on one of the covers

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  • Hannah

    "Definitely worth the money. Super quality and I get at least two compliments on my phone case every day. Looks incredible! 10/10 would recommend.

    • Design, good packaging, service

Prices on BRAVE Ukraine Phone Cases in United States

The price for BRAVE Ukraine Phone Cases as of June 10, 2023 ranges from $19 to $34, depending on the type and function of the accessory.

BRAVE Ukraine Phone Cases Price
UA It's a good trip iPhone 14 Pro Case UA It's a good trip iPhone 14 Pro Case $34
UA It's a good trip iPhone XR Case UA It's a good trip iPhone XR Case $19
UA It's a good trip iPhone 11 Case UA It's a good trip iPhone 11 Case $24
UA It's a good trip iPhone SE 3 | SE 2 | 8 | 7 Case UA It's a good trip iPhone SE 3 | SE 2 | 8 | 7 Case $19
UA SLOVO BLACK iPhone 14 Pro Case UA SLOVO BLACK iPhone 14 Pro Case $34