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ETNODIM is a Ukrainian ethnic clothing brand for whom clothing is not just a habit, but a custom. Since the first days of the full-scale invasion, they have been actively supporting and supplying the Ukrainian army. They launched a fundraiser on their website to raise money for ammunition for the military. The brand's total assistance to the Armed Forces has already reached UAH 2 million. The ornaments on their shirts reflect the values of today, which are closely linked to Ukrainian roots. From now on, Ukrainian values will be with us all the time thanks to unique accessories.

Latest Reviews

  • Johannah

    "Love my iPhone case! I love the design. The quality is much better than I expected. When I need or want more device cases, I will definitely buy them from caseXy. "

  • M?rida

    "Very high quality product and worth buying. From the packaging to the product itself, everything was perfect. "

  • Emilia

    "Very, very high quality case. I am attracted by absolutely everything: eloquent design, incredible packaging, and incredible quality protection. I am also impressed by the fact that the people who create these beautiful cases are Ukrainians. I am incredibly proud of this nation, which in such difficult times is not afraid to declare itself to the whole world. This is clearly not my last case from the caseXy brand. "

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  • Hannah

    "Definitely worth the money. Super quality and I get at least two compliments on my phone case every day. Looks incredible! 10/10 would recommend.

    • Design, good packaging, service

  • Amelie

    "Very nice cover and the drawing is something incredible. Already ordered another case, only with a different pattern. Thank you !!!! "

  • Krizia

    "I adore this case! The collaborations with different lesser-known artists and illustrators is a very cool idea and I appreciated it because it helps me learn about new artists that I can support. The design is beautiful, the protection is top-notch, and the packaging is super nice. I recommend it!) "

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  • Eleonore

    "At first I bought a less expensive case from another company, but it quickly got dirty and lost its color. I have had the caseXy case for almost a month and I love it. I like the colors and design that match the color of my phone. It feels secure in my hand when I hold it and my phone is well protected. The case is very sturdy and still looks new. "

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  • Cris Perez

    "I accidentally dropped my phone down the stairs from the very top. It didn't break and didn't get any scratches. Definitely recommend!:) "

Prices on in United States

The price for as of March 29, 2023 ranges from $19 to $34, depending on the type and function of the accessory.

UA SLOVO BLACK iPhone 14 Pro Case UA SLOVO BLACK iPhone 14 Pro Case $34
UA Eva Summer iPhone 14 Pro Case UA Eva Summer iPhone 14 Pro Case $34
UA Konyk iPhone 14 Pro Case UA Konyk iPhone 14 Pro Case $34
UA SLOVO BLACK iPhone 11 Case UA SLOVO BLACK iPhone 11 Case $24
UA SLOVO BLACK iPhone 12 mini Case UA SLOVO BLACK iPhone 12 mini Case $29