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MagSafe Phone Grips & Stands

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MagSafe Phone Grips & Stands (pop socket)

The phone almost constantly accompanies us in our daily challenges. In it we check emails, news and what's new in the world. With its help, we capture special moments, as well as share footage with loved ones. Through frequent use of the smartphone, we expose it to mechanical damage such as scratches, breakages, and it is not uncommon to drop the phone on the ground due to its poor grip. To keep your phone in the best possible condition and protect it from random accidents, it is worth getting a functional phone MagSafe grip.

MagSafe Phone Grips & Stands

How does the MagSafe pop socket work?

This is an ideal gadget for anyone who frequently uses their smartphone on a daily basis. The MagSafe phone grip holder provides a stable grip on the device, so the risk of dropping it drops to a minimum. This is especially important when taking photos or recording video. Phone grip allows for excellent image stabilization, and your footage from now on can gain even better quality. The finger phone holder can also be used as a stand with function Grip & Stand, which will increase the comfort of watching your favorite materials, chatting with loved ones using the camera or taking pictures using the self-timer. What's more, a special accordion mechanism allows the ring to be rolled up to the phone, so you can easily hide the device in your backpack or purse, as it will not take up too much space.

MagSafe Phone Grip - Advantages

MagSafe phone grip is not only a great gadget that will increase the comfort of your phone, but also gives it a unique character. In the wide range of grip phone holders available at Casexy you will find a huge selection of designs, both classic and the most original. This makes phone MagSafe grips suitable for both adults and younger users. You can easily match the color and pattern to your smartphone or its case and create a modern and unique design. Pop socket sticks to the device extremely firmly, so there are small chances that the gadget will peel off during use. In addition, its eventual removal is completely safe and should not damage the surface of the phone.

Grip & Stand function

The Gripexy pop socket can serve as both a grip and a stand. If any dirt appears on its surface, just wipe it with a damp cloth. The holder really has many uses. With it, you can hold your smartphone very comfortably not only while talking, but, for example, using the phone as a flashlight, conducting a live report or even doing your makeup. Using unfolded Gripexy, we get a completely professional support for devices with a screen larger than a smartphone - like a tablet.

Customized design

Phone Holder Casexy Gripexy, despite its simplicity, adapts perfectly to our style. You can choose from hundreds of designs and colors. MagSafe holders is made of high-quality plastic that will stick successfully to any type of phone cover. The Gripexy Holder magnets quickly, take off quickly, but most importantly it is very hard to destroy.

Phone Grip & Stand Holder - What to pay attention to when buying?

A functional phone holder will please the eye of any user. Not only does it look great, but also protects the phone from scratches when placed on flat surfaces. It also provides comfortable use of the smartphone with one hand and a better grip on the hand. Pop socket also makes it easier to use the phone in both vertical and horizontal positions. Even now, watching movies on the go or recording video footage becomes extremely easy and enjoyable. Any fan of gadgets and technical innovations will be delighted with this excellent and stylish accessory. Don't wait and visit Casexy's website today to get acquainted with a wide range of iPhone MagSafe holders!

Prices on MagSafe Phone Grips & Stands in United States

The price for MagSafe Phone Grips & Stands as of June 10, 2023 ranges from $24 to $24, depending on the type and function of the accessory.

MagSafe Phone Grips & Stands Price
Memoji MagSafe iPhone Stand & Grip Memoji MagSafe iPhone Stand & Grip $24
Dog Personalized MagSafe iPhone Stand & Grip Custom Pet Dog Personalized MagSafe iPhone Stand & Grip Custom Pet $24
Cat Personalized MagSafe iPhone Stand & Grip Custom Pet Cat Personalized MagSafe iPhone Stand & Grip Custom Pet $24
Cute Jedi Ahsoka MagSafe iPhone Stand & Grip Cute Jedi Ahsoka MagSafe iPhone Stand & Grip $24
Epic Mando MagSafe iPhone Stand & Grip Epic Mando MagSafe iPhone Stand & Grip $24