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  • Mia

    "This case now shows my emotional state to everyone around me) I'm constantly in shock and panic, haha. Seriously, the case is of very high quality. My iPhone is protected in all 360 degrees. Delivery is fast, support is good and answers all questions. And the packaging was incredibly good!) "

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  • bella

    "I have only had this case for a few days, but I can tell that it is made of high quality materials. They are made to last for years. Also I appreciate the collaboration between the artists and caseXy. I love my case and the customer service was helpful and communicative! "

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  • Ashley

    "I am just in love with the design! The quality is definitely worth the money, protects my phone 100%! <3 And the beautiful packaging and discount on subsequent purchases only added to the pleasant experience. I will definitely recommend caseXy to my friends and family!)

    • High quality, beautiful design, gift wrap and discount on your next purchase

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  • Lidia Proskurina

    "I was absolutely shocked at the quality of the case I received. It is by far the best phone case I have ever had. Extremely protective, but not bulky and heavy. Definitely worth the money. Also, the design looks exactly as it is presented on the website.
    In addition, I am a displaced person from Ukraine abroad because of the war, and to have a piece of my native is very nice. Many thanks to the caseXy team!) "

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  • Elle.

    "This case is exactly as shown in the picture. It is sturdy and provides great protection for my phone. Shipping was also very fast, within 5 days even with shipping. Very happy with the product and customer service! "

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  • Juneau

    "This case protects your iPhone from all sides, so you can drop it and not worry about the screen breaking. I also ordered shipping within 5 days, and it arrived not in two days but in 7 days. So I contacted customer service, and they responded very quickly and resolved the situation! So the customer service also got 5 stars for me! "

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  • Christa

    "If you are looking for a provocative and protective case that stands out, look no further! This case is not only pretty, it’s a great price. I have dropped my phone 2x with no damage at all. "

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  • Jensen

    "The perfect way to get noticed, the Sexy Case for iPhone is built with 2 layers of protection and available in a wide variety of hot designs. I like it!) "

  • Amy

    "My phone has been dropped several times since using this case, but it’s proven to be durable. Love the look and feel of the case and will be ordering other cases from this brand in the future. "

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  • Amelia

    "The case is very functional and it also looks great. It has a high level of protection against shocks and scratches, so that my phone is safe. The fact that you can put your own memoji on the case makes it unique and very suitable for anyone looking for an original accessory! I really love it! The packaging was incredible!! "

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  • Jeremy

    "I love my Memoji case! It is the coolest thing ever in phone accessories. I use it every day and it has a great protection. The memo is awesome, and I love all the options you have to create something unique. "

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  • David

    "I highly recommend the Memoji Case for iPhone. The product idea is amazing - it's a case that allows you to create your own memos, which I think is unique and innovative. The quality of this case exceeded all my expectations, with its high level of protection and despite its small bulk, it compensates for the price and offers great value for money. I love it! "

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  • Antony

    "If you love your iPhone more than anything in the world and don't want to compromise on its protection, this case is for you. The MagSafe function allows you to easily remove the case without compromising protection, and the custom memoji on the case will give you individuality by easily customizing it using the functionality on the website. "

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  • Britney

    "Cool case, I recommend it. Liked the quality of the print and fast delivery. I would also like to mention the beautiful packaging, you can order it as a gift. "

  • Bonie

    "This is my first casexy case, I like the way it fits the phone, the buttons are perfect, and it seems to be very sturdy... but I'm not going to check it out:)) I bought this particular case because it seemed cute. In person, the case is very beautiful, and the packaging is incredibly cute) "

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Prices on iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases in United States

The price for iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases as of March 27, 2023 ranges from $29 to $34, depending on the type and function of the accessory.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Cases Price
Memotify iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with your Memoji with MagSafe Memotify iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with your Memoji with MagSafe $34
UA It's a good trip iPhone 13 Pro Max Case UA It's a good trip iPhone 13 Pro Max Case $29
Mushrooms Power iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with MagSafe Mushrooms Power iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with MagSafe $34
UA Ukrainian Unicorn iPhone 13 Pro Max Case UA Ukrainian Unicorn iPhone 13 Pro Max Case $29
Clear iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with MagSafe Clear iPhone 13 Pro Max Case with MagSafe $34