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Latest Reviews

  • Makayla

    "Great for the Valentine's season! I had this case on my phone for one day and everyone in the office was asking where it came from and complimenting me on how cute it was ?? I love the print! "

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  • Valerie M.

    "I like the color and design. Very sturdy and protective, but not bulky. I get a lot of compliments on how the case looks!

    • Love this caaaase!

  • Alexis

    "Ordered myself and my girlfriend these incredible sexy covers. They are amazing! Definitely worth the wait and the money. Really durable and comfortable. Looks exactly like the photo on the website, and the packaging is very nice :) "

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  • Alyssa

    "My case has so far saved my phone from 5 drops and not a single scratch on the screen. It has a great case edge so the phone screen almost never touches the ground. I can't imagine a problem when it comes to uneven gravel or concrete, but honestly, this phone case is the best I've tried (and I've tried quite a few)

    • Protection of both the body and the phone screen

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  • Lauren Smith

    "I am absolutely thrilled with this case! The design is beautiful and the case fits the phone perfectly and is super protective!

    • Everything in this case

  • Ava

    "I didn't know I would like a phone case this much! This is probably the best case ever! I've already received compliments on it, and it hasn't even been a week. It's such a strong feeling and beautiful phone case. "

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  • Mia

    "This case is a must-have for all iPhone owners. Its cute and durable design makes it the perfect combination of function, protection and style. "

  • Harper

    "High quality, reliable protection. I've been using this case for a few weeks now, and it's held up great so far! The material is solid, the carabiner works well, and looks great. "

  • Emilie

    "Very elegant and stylish case, very soft touch! I love it and get daily compliments on the print. "

  • Charlotte

    "This extremely sexy case will catch everyone's eyes. I loved my case and got compliments every day, as much as questions about where I got it. It is well crafted, good quality, beautiful print, and will protect your phone. "

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  • Sophia

    "Super cute cover, just right for the girls:) Interesting design and great packing! "

  • Olivia

    "I am in love with this case. Very cool and quality design, just what I was looking for. Also like the fact that the case does not thicken my little SE 3, but it protects well against shocks (already checked). And because of the beautiful packaging is great for a gift as well;) "

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  • Emma

    "Very nice case for my headphones, happy with the purchase. Great protection for the AirPods, cool print, and the carabiner makes life very easy) I'll probably order a couple more of these!) "

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  • Anabella

    "Very high quality case, reliably protects my headphones. I like the print, it doesn't fade over time. It's also cool that there is a convenient carabiner, I can attach the headphones to my backpack and free my hands. I will order again and will recommend it to my friends!)) "

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  • Marisela

    "I really liked the product, I fell in love with my AirPods Pro case so much that I ordered another one. "

Prices on SEXY Phone Cases in United States

The price for SEXY Phone Cases as of June 10, 2023 ranges from $19 to $39, depending on the type and function of the accessory.

SEXY Phone Cases Price
Lips and Hearts Case AirPods Pro 2 Lips and Hearts Case AirPods Pro 2 $24
CENSORED iPhone 14 Pro Max Case with MagSafe CENSORED iPhone 14 Pro Max Case with MagSafe $39
Sosy Case AirPods Pro 2 Sosy Case AirPods Pro 2 $24
Sexy Leopard iPhone 13 Pro Max Case Sexy Leopard iPhone 13 Pro Max Case $29
Sexy Way iPhone 14 Pro Max Case Sexy Way iPhone 14 Pro Max Case $34